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Analysis of the characteristics of basketball sports floor in basketball court from the perspective of structure
Oct 24, 2018

From the structural analysis, the basketball stadium PVC sports floor is composed of PVC wear layer, glass fiber reinforced layer and PVC foam buffer layer. 100% pure PVC wear-resistant layer, treated by anti-aging and fastening technology, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, service life up to 15 years; glass fiber reinforced layer plays a role in stabilizing the site size and prolonging the service life, so that the floor will never Shrinkage, performance is more stable, so that athletes play a better level.


The closed PVC foam cushioning material of the PVC sports floor of the basketball court, such as the air cushion structure, provides absolute safety, resilience and standard vibration absorption, and the vibration absorption rate reaches 30%-50%. The bottom surface is treated with a “diamond shape”. The reasonable weight can discharge the air inside when the site is spread, forming a vacuum, more adhesion, and more stability during exercise.


The friction coefficient of the PVC wear-resistant surface of the PVC sports floor of the basketball court and the special process design make the soles close to the ground at all times, slip-proof and can transmit strong power as desired. The surface layer of the site is specially treated to match the brightness of the light. It does not absorb light and glare, which can better protect the athlete's eyes and is not easy to cause fatigue.


The various user-friendly design combinations make the basketball stadium PVC sports floor have a distinctive venue color, providing excellent sports buffer protection for professional athletes and ordinary fitness people, which can minimize the damage of athletes. Jumping, sliding, braking and other professional and vigorous technical movements provide a highly explosive elastic power structure.


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