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Antifouling effect and application requirements of basketball indoor flooring
Jan 21, 2019

The basketball indoor flooring is specially used in the stadium when it is used. It must be applied through strict production techniques, and the load-bearing capacity is stronger and more stable than the general floor.

The structure of the sports floor is more complicated than the ordinary floor, and the number of layers of a floor is also higher.

The physical properties of the basketball indoor flooring, the sports floor must pass the corresponding test before use, to determine that the competition training requirements have been met.

It has better physical and mechanical properties and better wear resistance and antifouling effect.

The impulse formed by people during exercise will cause vibration on the plane of the wooden floor. The structure of the sports wooden floor must have an absorption function. When the athlete jumps back to the wooden floor, more than 53% of the impulse must be absorbed by the wooden floor. People are not harmed while exercising.

The protective function of the sports wooden floor also includes careful selection of the surface layer of the floor, and the selection of soft and hard, moderate deformation, long fiber structure, and tree species that are not easy to spur, so as to avoid injury to the athlete's skin.



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