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Construction quality and process requirements of antibacterial hospital pvc flooring
Jan 17, 2019

The construction quality of the antibacterial hospital pvc flooring often determines the maintenance costs in the later use.

The professional construction team will test the floor before construction. After passing the inspection, the ground can be sanded and vacuumed before construction. The construction without professional training often neglects these construction details, which makes the floor prone to curling and unevenness in the future, which seriously affects the service life of the floor.

Antibacterial hospital pvc flooring from the initial project, it is necessary to provide thoughtful tracking services, provide technical and service support for products, from installation, maintenance to unloading and other standardized processes, so that its medical floor has a long service life.

Pay special attention to the quality of glue application, and master the thickness and application area of glue according to the nature of the floor and temperature, and achieve the effect of uniform application and rapid curing, so that it can be put into use after 24 hours of completion.

The antibacterial hospital pvc flooring is mainly made of a very special process in the process of making, so that the surface of the product is free of pores, so that the dirt can not penetrate deep into the interior. Antibacterial properties provide permanent bactericidal and bacteriostatic treatment to prevent microbial growth on and off the floor.


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