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Corrosion resistance and wear resistance of Hospital Vinyl Flooring
Oct 08, 2018

Hospital Vinyl Flooring has a certain degree of wear resistance to a certain extent. In terms of surface wear resistance and scratch resistance, the composite laminated surface is a PVC wear layer (the wear resistance is T grade), so the general compound Stacked, durable, this is a different parameter from wear resistance, and products with high surface wear resistance are not necessarily durable. Reflects the overall life of the floor.


Hospital Vinyl Flooring has certain pollution resistance to a certain extent. Under the premise of no waxing treatment, the surface of the pure PVC wear layer of the laminated product has better pollution resistance than the middle and low end homogenous products. Usually a product with a directional pattern). The high-end homogenous products are also very resistant to pollution.


Hospital Vinyl Flooring is resistant to dents. This value reflects the strength of the floor's ability to recover from heavy pressure and is of particular importance for areas with load-bearing requirements. In general, the homogenous translucent product residual sag is better than the laminated composite structure (the back layer in the composite structure is harder than the foamed back layer). (The picture on the left is a laminated structure product, and the right is a homogenous and transparent product. After one year of heavy pressure, the heavy object is removed.


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