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Durable and sound-absorbing sound insulation for indoor gym flooring
Nov 13, 2018

Due to the nature of the environment, the indoor gym floor requires daily cleaning of the gym. The machine needs to be wiped regularly and the floor is kept clean and dry at all times. Pvc plastic floor can take a little time to maintain and maintain, simply sweep the floor, mopping the floor to save the cleaning, the maintenance cost is the lowest, and it is convenient to save time.


Sound absorption and sound insulation for indoor gym floor

The indoor gym floor has excellent noise reduction, a well-run gym, and an indispensable benefit in a fast-paced environment. If you are in a gym with a loud voice and downstairs is a yoga class that needs to be quiet, you must control the noise effectively and not affect others. And its texture is very soft, it is very comfortable to walk on it, it is safe to protect the foot in all directions, and has excellent anti-slip performance. It is very suitable for installation in the gym.


Durable indoor gym floor

The indoor gym floor can withstand a lot of weight, so you can rest assured that heavy-duty fitness machines don't deform the floor, so you don't need to worry about the floor being crushed by heavy objects, durable and slip-resistant, and longer lasting.http://www.farflor.com/

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