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Eight criteria for judging the quality of PVC floor
Jul 06, 2018

PVC plastic floor manufacturers use advanced production equipment and manufacturing technology, so that the PVC plastic floor has the features of dustproof, moistureproof, anticorrosion, anti-skid, wear-resistant, easy to install, easy to clean, easy to maintain, comfortable, green and environmental. PVC plastic floor to meet the needs of customers in all directions, PVC plastic floor in the brand industry has been developing smoothly. But how do we judge the pros and cons of the product when we buy PVC flooring?

Standard 1: first look at whether plastic floor belongs to exclusive store sales.

Is there a certificate of authorization, a certificate of international quality certification and a certificate of China's environmental marking product, and an authoritative certificate issued by the state functional department; there is no inspection report (some of the inspection reports are untrue, and the inspection report or the daily inspection report) is not the original.  If not, it may be a plastic floor with low quality and inferior quality.

Standard two: look at the materials and Atlas of the plastic floor

Those words that are crude in printing, crude in content, wearable in eighteen thousand words, and so on are misleading propaganda.

Standard three: see whether manufacturers or marketing agencies have standardized retail prices.

Whether it belongs to casual price products, if this is the case, it can not be the brand plastic floor.

Standard four: look at the surface of the plastic floor

Those plastic floors with blurred texture, unnatural color, unnatural and poor sense can not resist ultraviolet light and fade easily. These floors are undoubtedly plastic floors of low quality and inferior products.

Standard five: core material

The plastic floor with rough core, dark dark color, easily broken edges and corners, the content of formaldehyde exceeds the standard of national superior products, and most of the floor comprehensive indexes are not qualified, which belong to inferior products.

Standard six: see the degree of grinding of plastic floor

Use the carpenter sandpaper to work hard, polish the floor surface several times, the low-quality counterfeit products have traces of whitening, lower than the national wear-resistant requirements.

Standard seven: see the effect of splicing

A bag of plastic flooring is tested and three pieces of staggered pavement, high and low and triangular joints and edges are not visible. This kind of floor belongs to inferior products.

Standard eight: look at the warranty card and the sales receipt

All regular plastic floor manufacturers have official receipts, and there is a real manufacturer's address and telephone number on the package and product information. There is no real address and telephone in the inferior floor packing box and product information, or there is no address or telephone at all.

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