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Factors affecting the price of PVC floor
Jul 06, 2018

Since the entry of the Chinese market, PVC floor has been faced with many excellent features, such as green environmental protection, ultra light and ultra-thin, super skid proof, fireproof and flame retardant, waterproof and moisture-proof, sound absorption and noise prevention, simple construction and easy to cut and splice, variety and variety and so on.

After more than thirty years of vicissitudes in the PVC flooring industry, many brands have mushroomed in the Chinese market. There are international brands as well as domestic brands. This is because the production technology of plastic floor has matured in China. Today, such a fierce market competition, the price of PVC plastic floor is destined to have high and low prices, but what determines the difference in the price of PVC floor?

Brand value

In this era of Internet big data, brand influence and brand value are already familiar words. PVC floor is from abroad to domestic, some international brands of its brand marketing operation system is quite developed, its long time accumulation of brand awareness is incomparable to domestic brands!

Raw material

The key of the problem lies in the root, the price of the different PVC floor of the raw material is different naturally. The PVC floor is a kind of industrial synthetic product. There are many kinds of raw materials mixed and processed. The difference between the green environmental protection, the innoxious and harmless raw materials and the inferior raw materials is very big! This is a direct decision on the price of PVC plastic floor.

Technology and technology

PVC plastic floor is not more than ground building materials, it is better to say that it is a kind of handicraft for laying on the ground. A good PVC floor must be the product of the perfect combination of industrial production and art design. From the appearance process, the more beautiful the color, the more exquisite the press lines, the more comfortable the feeling, the better the natural price of the upper foot experience. From the production process, the hot pressing process and the bonding process determine the environmental protection performance of the floor, and also determine the price of the PVC floor.

Place of Origin

In the Chinese floor market, foreign production is relative to domestic production, the import of foreign products needs to pay customs duties, and the cost of transportation is also a big gap, so these also decide that the price of foreign products will generally be higher than domestic products. When we come back to China, the difference of origin determines the logistics and transportation cost of products, and then determines the price difference of PVC plastic floor.


Now, the brand full of China's PVC floor market, the price war is going on, this is an industry from maturity to maturity must be a step, but this also determines the price of the price of PVC plastic flooring! Whether the market is healthy or not is bound to decide whether the price is healthy or not.

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