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Kindergarten Vinyl Floor waxing process and good warmth
Sep 30, 2018

Kindergarten Vinyl Floor surface should be smooth, smooth, no indentation, folding, degumming, peripheral square, neatly cut, kindergarten vinyl floor need to play a bottom wax two times when the first use, the interval between the two is 2 Hour or wait for a layer of wax to dry out. In addition, it is required to polish the wax twice or more and then perform mechanical polishing.


The wax layer of the Kindergarten Vinyl Floor will be polluted after a period of use. When the pollution is serious, the wax removal treatment is required at this time. The specific method is to remove the wax layer by using a water pusher after the water is heated in proportion to the wax water, and then use a multi-purpose washing machine to remove the wax layer. Repeat the cleaning and waxing process after removing the wax layer.


Kindergarten Vinyl Floor has good thermal conductivity and heat preservation. It only takes a few minutes to conduct heat, and it has even heat dissipation. There is no cold feeling of stone and tile. It is not afraid of winter. Convenient maintenance: It can be scrubbed with a water mop. If it is stained, it can be cleaned with an eraser or thinner.


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