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Maintenance and use requirements forAged Care Vinyl Flooring
Oct 06, 2018

Aged Care Vinyl Flooring will be waxed at the factory to protect the floor from wear during long-distance transportation and installation. The floor cannot be waxed immediately after installation, mainly because the wax layer will seal between the floor and the floor. The gap, which will make the glue under the floor unable to breathe and solidify, resulting in a decrease in adhesion. The correct way is to wait for the floor to dry for a period of time or more after about 24 hours, depending on the weather conditions.


Aged Care Vinyl Flooring is best to empty the indoor items before waxing, except for furniture that cannot be moved. In the process of cleaning, the specific method is to use a neutral detergent to wet the wet floor and put the floor on the floor. The removal of the floating layer, the relatively large area and the serious pollution can be considered to be cleaned with a multi-function cleaning machine and a matching grinding disc.


After cleaning the floor, use water 1-2 times to absorb moisture or dry naturally. Pay attention to the use of vacuum (water absorption) machine without water, and the speed is very fast. After the floor is dry, it can be waxed. Two kinds of waxing are bottom wax. One is wax. The bottom wax is used to seal the gap between the floor and the pores. The surface is not very bright after drying. It is necessary to brighten up.


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