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Office vinyl flooring using advantage
Nov 07, 2018

1.100% waterproof, it is very suitable for use in any indoor area except the user when it is used.

2. High environmental protection, 0 formaldehyde, food grade.

3. The fire rating of the entire product is B1, which is suitable for occasions with high fire protection requirements.

4. High-strength wear resistance of office vinyl flooring

5. The office vinyl floor is moisture-proof and anti-slip, anti-corrosion and anti-bacterial.

6. The foot feels comfortable and the sound absorption effect is good.

7. Easy to install and easy to maintain

8. React the true texture of the wood, adjust the color as needed

9. The floor is at room temperature below 0 °C and there is risk of deformation; SPC floor is suitable for indoor space with extreme cold (-20 °C) to extremely hot (60 °C).

10. Easy to disassemble and install without keel.http://www.farflor.com/

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