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Pvc office floor construction process and standard regulations
Sep 20, 2018

Pvc office floor construction process

Technical preparations

1. The Pvc office floor needs to be familiar with the floor before construction and review the floor construction drawings.

2. Clarify the construction content and analyze the engineering characteristics.

3. For the requirements of the engineering ground, technical staff will be provided.

Pvc office floor tool preparation

Main tools: electric air welding torch, v-shaped mouth knife, zigzag scraper, roller, knife, oil brush, slitting knife, scissors, wooden hammer, rubber hammer, plastic bucket, etc.


Labor preparation

Because the pvc floor installation project is more professional, it is installed and installed by a fixed professional team.

Team members must have years of experience in flooring construction to ensure 100% construction quality.


Material preparation for Pvc office floor

1. The ground material of this project is pvc coil: the board surface is required to be smooth and smooth, no crack, uniform color, uniform thickness, and meet the design requirements and relevant technical standards.

2. The surface of the electrode should be smooth and smooth, without holes, no knots, wrinkles, uniform color, and the composition and performance of the electrode are the same as the floor material.

3. Adhesive requirements can be quick-drying, high bonding strength, strong water resistance, environmentally friendly non-toxic water-based glue and meet the relevant technical standards.

4. Material transportation, inventory should be erected, not laid flat, overlap stacked, avoid deformation of pvc coil, should not be stored in wet, sun-lit places, to avoid discoloration of the board surface, uneven color.


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