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PVC plastic floor fire prevention and non-toxic
Jul 06, 2018

The emergence of the PVC floor made many distress owners find a good floor, because it is wearable and waterproof, and is regarded as the most worthwhile ground decoration. Whether plastic or PVC flooring are very durable, usually the cycle will be very long. Plastic can resist all kinds of environment, it has tear resistance, oil resistance, chemicals and cigarettes, and it will not rot due to erosion of water.

One of the advantages of the PVC floor is that the PVC floor can absorb the noise from the outside, such as the sound of the car coming from the road, and can be absorbed by the PVC floor to absorb a part of the sound, thereby reducing the decibels of the sound. PVC floor is also very suitable for sports venues, lounges and fitness centers and libraries, offices, retail stores and schools and other places of relatively large mobility.

PVCPVC floor is waterproof. Even if it comes to water, the surface of the floor will not slip. Because plastics are also flame retardant, they have lower smoke emissions in case of fire, so it is very appropriate to use plastic in high-risk areas. Moreover, the plastics are non-toxic and do not emit toxic smoke into the air.

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