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PVC sports floor is widely used in indoor basketball stadiums
Jul 06, 2018

Summer has arrived, the weather becomes day and night, often to 7 points still bright, more and more people of the elderly choose to go out, the young choose to play to kill time, but the weather is still very hot in the evening, it is easy to sweat and feel hot competition, indoor basketball hall has become a good way to go. Now, indoor basketball is widely used in PVC sports floor.

The PVC sports floor has superior sports performance compared with the solid wood moving floor. 1, sports floor general comfort from high to low is PVC sports floor - acrylic sports floor - rubber floor - solid wood sports floor. It can be seen that the PVC motion floor is the best comfortableness. 2, the solid wood motion floor tremor belongs to the typical regional tremor, the PVC floor adopts the closed honeycomb type structure, the tremor range is small to the point tremor, and the maximum protection of the athletes. 3, PVC sports floor price ratio is very high, the real floor price of real wood sports floor and expensive generally in the 350~1000 one flat, which makes most of the basketball hall to choose the ordinary floor. The ordinary floor does not have the characteristics of moving floor. It can not protect the safety of athletes and bury the hidden danger of athletes.

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