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Reasons for the selection of PVC floor in medical environment
Jul 06, 2018

For the hardware of the medical environment, the ground laying material is an important aspect, and it is modern, healthy, environmental protection, which is the core of the high end PVC floor, and most of the foreign hospitals are laying the PVC floor.

Visual treatment, human care

The floor is part of the building of a hospital environment. PVC elastic floor color is rich, the design of the pattern makes the color matching level clear.  For example, in children's ward, the clever coloring of PVC floors virtually eliminates the children's conflict with the hospital and plays the role of "visual therapy".

Safety protection, health maintenance

The PVC floor adopts advanced production technology, so that the product has no pores on the surface, so that dirt can not penetrate into the interior. Antibacterial properties provide permanent bactericidal and bacteriostatic treatment to prevent microorganisms from propagating inside and outside the floor. The PVC floor adopts multi-layer composite structure and homogenous permeability structure, using reasonable friction coefficient, and ingeniously dispersing the walking pressure and damping property, so as to ensure the safety of walking.

Construction major, the effect is outstanding

The quality of construction often determines the cost of maintenance and maintenance in later stage. The professional construction team will detect the floor before construction, and check the qualified ground before grinding and vacuuming before construction. Without professional training, the construction details are often ignored, and the floor is easily curled up and uneven in the future, which seriously affects the service life of the floor.

Convenient maintenance, saving money and labor

PVC floor products of different quality will reflect obvious differences in practical application. Taking wear resistance as an example, excellent wear resistance can reduce the daily maintenance frequency such as waxing and cleaning, and reduce the maintenance cost in the cycle. It has greatly simplified the cumbersome maintenance steps in the use cycle, and is very suitable for the use of hospitals and other large pedestrian areas.

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