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Retirement Nursing Home Flooring is highly decorative and soundproof
Oct 09, 2018

Retirement Nursing Home Flooring has a certain degree of wear resistance, impact resistance, no deformation, reusable, and the service life is generally 20 to 30 years. The floor of the retirement nursing home is strong, and the quiet is to evaluate the living, office and nursing environment. Basic indicators of pros and cons. Granite, marble, wood flooring and other sound insulation effects are not ideal, and the unique surface layer and plastic cushion of PVC plastic floor can fully play the role of sound absorption. PVC plastic floor can isolate the noise of 15db-20db, solve the trouble of noise, and solve the problem of difficult maintenance of carpet.


Retirement Nursing Home Flooring is very decorative, its color is very rich and beautiful, can be freely puzzled, give full play to its creativity and imagination, fully meet the individual needs of designers and different users. After the seamless structure and high elastic cushion are treated seamlessly, the supporting force is strong, the cushioning pressure is heavy, the glassware falls to the ground and is not easy to be broken, ensuring comfortable foot feeling, close to the carpet, which is very suitable for the elderly and children. Place to use.


Under the effect of local pressure,Retirement Nursing Home Flooring will effectively produce instantaneous elastic deformation, which will make the surface friction coefficient increase and it will not slip easily when walking. For buildings, non-slip design is a functional requirement that requires special consideration, especially in pediatrics, elderly rooms and orthopedic rooms. PVC plastic flooring meets this special requirement.


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