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Special treatment and antibacterial function of gym pvc sports flooring
Nov 29, 2018

The surface layer of the gym pvc sports flooring has been specially treated to a certain extent to match the brightness of the light. To a certain extent, it will not absorb light and reflect light, which can better protect the athlete's eyes and not cause fatigue. User-friendly design combination, distinctive venue color. Anti-skid and vibration-absorbing provide reliable protection for healthy sports, and provide excellent sports cushion protection for professional athletes and general fitness people, which can minimize the damage of athletes.

The sports characteristics of the gym pvc sports flooring and the ergonomic irregular circular texture arc design on the surface of the floor make the sliding coefficient the best value, so that the athletes have better mobility, starting, jumping and sliding. Various professional technical actions such as braking and braking provide an explosive power structure.

The gym pvc sports flooring is green and environmentally friendly. It has antibacterial, non-toxic, odorless, waterproof, non-slip, anti-mold and other characteristics, making your activity space safer and healthier.


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