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Surface design and strict treatment of kindergarten PVC floor
Nov 22, 2018

In the process of purchasing PVC floor in kindergarten, it is first necessary to see whether the ground foot feels comfortable, how to wear the surface when operating, and also need to consider whether the kindergarten PVC floor is clean and the antibacterial effect is good. Because the baby's resistance and adult resistance still have a certain gap. In the end, it is necessary to see whether the kindergarten pvc floor material is excellent, because the inferior floor has certain harmful substances, which have an impact on the growth of the children.

Kindergarten PVC floor in the design of the surface, especially in the operation of the wear-resistant pattern, so that the baby can walk freely on the ground, do not need to worry about water slip caused by slipping problems, keep the ground good anti-slip at any time effect. In addition, it has superior performance in response to power. When the baby jumps and plays, it plays a certain role in motion buffering and reduces the occurrence of sports injuries.

The surface of the kindergarten PVC floor is tight, and it will undergo special treatment during operation, so that the bearing capacity of the floor can be strong, and the fragile items fall to the ground during operation, which has a certain cushioning property and reduces the crushing situation. In addition, the kindergarten pvc floor is very good in terms of foot feeling, similar to the performance of the carpet, and it is very convenient to install, no need to use cement mortar, and it can be put into use one day after construction. It is convenient and quick to use the mop for daily cleaning.



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