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The cause of the PVC floor drums
Jul 06, 2018

PVC floor coil drum problem is the most easily occurring problem in the construction and use of PVC flooring at present.

One, what the situation may be the floor problem - the perfect new PVC floor is laid on a flat, smooth, clean, dry ground (no scraping); the ambient temperature is kept at 20 - 38 C, the air relative humidity is not more than 75%; the time is more than 24 hours - what's the problem with the floor.

Two, paving the floor drum package, the reason is generally to look for ground foundation; the selection of auxiliary materials; the climate and temperature in the construction; construction process, details; use links and so on.

The foundation ground level prevention and dampproof did not do well; foundation ground leveling, hardened unqualified; ground-based Undry (water content > 3%); self leveling drum, self leveling, self leveling, bad glue, low temperature (temperature below 13 C), high humidity (> 75%), air drying time, flooring Exhaust is not in place, just paste on the welding (glue is not solidified), under the floor infiltration of water and so on.

Common problems one: the groundwork is not dry

The foundation surface is dry and moisture content is less than 3%. Otherwise, the self leveling and floor are likely to be bulging.

Common problem two: self leveling

Spread on the Internet: self leveling in general 24~48 hours to do well, you can carry out the PVC floor paving - this is not practical, irresponsible - self leveling must be dry (water content is less than 3%); self flow is not dry, PVC floor must be wrapped in the future.

Common problem three: self leveling ash serious

Because of basic ground problems, or self leveling quality problems, or construction link problems, or temperature, climate problems, and so on, there is a serious self leveling ash, which finally causes the PVC floor to not stick to the ground at all.

Common problem four: error selection error

Materials are very important in the construction of PVC floor - different technology, different specifications, different structure of PVC floor to the same material, different use places, different sites and environment, different seasons and climate, and other materials are different requirements - few people take this seriously.

For example, glue - the Chinese people now use a kind of glue called "sheet glue", which is called "fool glue" - the leader of the PVC flooring material field and the strict Germans "dare not"... It's called 'glue'.

Common problem five: low temperature

Paving PVC floor must guarantee a reasonable ambient temperature. Generally, the temperature is kept at 20 - 35 centigrade, and the construction must be carefully under 15 degrees centigrade; under 5 degrees, the construction is forbidden.

Common problem six: high air humidity

It is required that the relative humidity of air is between 20% and 75%, which is greater than 75% and is not suitable for paving PVC floor.

Common problem seven: the time of air curing is unreasonable

Different glue, different floor, different ground, different environment and so on - Air glue time is different - it needs the master's professional accomplishment, experience accumulation, responsibility, professional accomplishment and so on.

Common problem eight: exhaust is not in place

PVC exhaust after flooring needs timely, attentively, patience, exertion, meticulous, comprehensive and so on.

Common problem nine: not compacted

After the PVC floor adhesive, it is generally required to press the roller at least 50 hours in about 2 hours, and more effective measures must be taken in special circumstances.

Common problem ten: Welding prematurely

After the PVC glue is laid, it is generally required to weld again after 24 hours.

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