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The difference between indoor badminton floor and traditional wooden floor
Oct 26, 2018

Although wood flooring is very popular as a traditional decoration material, with the depletion of forest resources and the unanimous addition of logging capital at home and abroad, the price of raw materials for wood flooring has risen and then increased. In this case, the indoor badminton floor came into being. On the one hand, it solved the environmental concerns, and on the other hand, the price was also affordable, in line with today's demand for materials.


The general professional timber floor and board cost are between 450-1600 yuan / square meter, while the indoor badminton floor professional and non-professional site construction cost is much cheaper than the wooden floor; and generally a standard badminton floor solid wood floor construction It takes more than half a month, and the installation of indoor badminton floor is very fast. It does not need cement mortar. It does not need to be heavily constructed. The ground conditions are good and it is glued with special environmentally-friendly floor glue. It can be used after 24 hours, and can be freely assembled according to demand. save time and energy.


Secondly, the solid wood floor is prone to cracking, deformation, insects, mildew, resonance, poor impact resistance, poor wear resistance, and a rebound rate of 90%. The indoor badminton floor has good wear resistance, stain resistance, antibacterial property, easy to clean, maintain, no deformation, no cracking, no arching, no insects, mildew, dimensional stability, and rebound rate of up to 98%. It is safe and reliable and can effectively protect athletes from harm.


The wooden badminton floor has a single color, while the indoor badminton floor has a variety of colors, which is suitable for easy matching, and is not limited by the floor and the venue. Finally, there are many environmental issues that many consumers are concerned about now. The indoor badminton floor has high-tech antibacterial function, and it is non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly, waterproof, non-slip, anti-mold and other characteristics, safe and environmentally friendly.

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