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The vibration absorption and comfort of the PVC basketball flooring
Dec 03, 2018

The PVC basketball flooring is mainly composed of PVC wear layer, glass fiber reinforced layer and PVC foam buffer layer. The PVC basketball flooring is mainly made of 100% pure PVC wear-resistant layer. It is treated by anti-aging and fastening technology, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, and the service life can reach 15 years.

The glass fiber reinforced layer of the PVC basketball flooring plays a role in stabilizing the size of the site and prolonging the service life, so that the floor never shrinks and the performance is more stable, so that the athletes can play a better level. The closed PVC foam cushioning material, such as the air cushion structure, provides absolute safety, resilience and standard vibration absorption, and the vibration absorption rate reaches 30%-50%.

When the PVC basketball flooring is used, the bottom surface of the PVC foam cushioning layer is treated with a “diamond shape”. The reasonable weight can discharge the air inside when the ground is spread, forming a vacuum and more adhesion so that exercising has stability.

The PVC basketball flooring has a certain degree of comfort. The friction coefficient of the PVC wear-resistant surface layer and the special process design make the soles close to the ground at all times, slip-proof and can transmit strong power as desired.



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