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Tremor and vibration absorption of multi purpose sports flooring
Nov 17, 2018

The surface of a professional multi purpose sports flooring can be moderately deformed when impacted, like a sealed mattress with air inside. When you wrestle or slip, the cushioning effect provided by the closed foam back layer technology can be maximized. Reduce sports injuries.

Tremor problem of the Multi purpose sports flooring

The tremor of a multi-purpose sports floor mainly refers to the range in which the floor is deformed after being impacted. The larger the tremor range, the more likely it is to cause a fracture. There are two types of tremor: point tremor and regional tremor.

Vibration absorption problem of multi purpose sports flooring

The impulse formed by people during exercise will produce vibration on the surface of PVC sports floor. The floor structure of the product must have the function of shock absorption, which means that the floor should have the ability to absorb impact energy. The impact of the athletes on the PVC sports floor is much smaller than on the hard ground.





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