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Types and introduction of sports floor sports floor
Jul 06, 2018

Sports floor sports floor is one of the most important hardware facilities in the gymnasium. Its function and performance directly affect the players' play. Today we understand the types of sports floor.

1, PVC moving floor

PVC floor has already been popular throughout the world. Now, the upsurge of PVC sports floor has been blown to the north and south of our country. It is widely used in the floor industry of our country, including the sports floor industry. PVC sports floor is made of a high molecular material PVC. It has the advantages of health, non-toxic and renewable. As a sports floor, the advantages of PVC floor are very obvious. Its wear resistance is very high, and its material is very soft and elastic.

2. Sports wood floor

Sports wood floor is a kind of solid wood floor, the application scope of sports wood floor is also very wide, for example, the floor used in the NBA League place is wood floor. The Aacer company, one of the major sponsors of the American basketball college and the NBA practice field, is named in the industry with the production of special sports wood floor. The advantage of wood flooring is that its foot feel is very good, and it is made of logs. It has a very simple and natural decoration style, and has a style of returning to simplicity.

3. Sports rubber floor

Sports rubber floor as its name implies, its main material comes from rubber, its rubber is a natural rubber, one is a product of oil, synthetic rubber.

PVC sports floor has a comprehensive performance and is widely used in various industries as a sports floor. Up to now, PVC sports floor has been welcomed by sports circles, and has become the mainstream trend of sports industry in the future. PVC sports floor, also commonly known as plastic floor, because of good wear resistance, durability, friction force, very comfortable elasticity, movement will not be hindered by the floor, so this is why the PVC floor can be one of the reasons for sports floor.

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