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Visual treatment of hospital Pvc flooring roll
Jan 31, 2019

The hospital Pvc flooring roll is part of the construction of the hospital environment to a certain extent. The pvc elastic floor is rich in color, and the design of particles, spots or patterns makes the color matching layer clear.

The ingenious color matching of the hospital Pvc flooring roll virtually eliminates the child's resistance to the hospital and plays a role in visual treatment to a certain extent.

Pvc flooring widely used in foreign hospitals, pvc flooring has a variety of colors and design graphics such as classical ceramic color, elegant wooden patterns, and natural-toned granite.

The patented round edge design of the hospital Pvc flooring roll can be used on the edge of the ground, in the corner of the wall, and on the round floor, with unlimited space.

At the same time, it has a coil material and an elastic block which is easy to lay. Its relatively thin thickness and excellent sound insulation and heat insulation performance can be directly used on old-fashioned ground surface layers such as stone, ceramics and wood, and it is the best choice for hospital construction.


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