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Water resistance and flame retardancy of office vinyl flooring
Sep 26, 2018

The vinylity of the office vinyl floor is resistant to rinsing during operation, does not deform, loses light and fades when exposed to water. The dimensional stability of the entire product has strict requirements on the size of the block floor. Quality stability. Control the use of low molecular weight volatiles in plastics. Because volatilization not only affects the quality of the floor, but also affects human health. The quality stability is that the weight loss of the test piece in the constant temperature blast oven at (100 ± 3) °C for 6 hours is below 0.5%.

Wear resistance is one of the important performance indicators for office vinyl flooring. In environments with high traffic, it is necessary to select materials with excellent wear resistance. Resistant to scratching. In the surface sculpt test, the surface of the test piece is tested in a hardness scoring machine with a pencil of different hardness, and it is required to reach 4H or more.

The flame retardancy of office vinyl flooring, plastic heating in the air is easy to burn, smoke, melt and drip, and even produce toxic gases. For example, PVC plastic flooring is flame retardant, but once burned, it will decompose hydrogen chloride gas and smoke, which will harm the human body. Starting from the requirements of fire protection, flame retardant, self-extinguishing plastic flooring should be used.

Corrosion resistance and stain resistance. The poor quality floor will have spots and bubbles when it encounters chemicals, and it will fade and lose its luster when it is contaminated. Therefore, it must be carefully selected when using it.

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