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What is PVC sports floor
Jul 06, 2018

PVC sports floor is a kind of floor suitable for sports. PVC sports floor is made of PVC material. By adding some other stable and solidified substances in the PVC material, the process is made by extrusion and stretching process.

PVC sports floor is usually made of multi-storey fabric laminated by multi-layer pressure, and its process structure is complex. Its main purpose is to be wear-resistant, pressure resistant and skid resistant. The design of the wear-resistant layer of the PVC floor is very humanized. Its surface is designed by various anti-skid lines, so that the whole foot can be very soft and comfortable when the athlete is walking or running.

The surface of the PVC floor is based on the irregular texture design according to the ergonomics design. It can make the athletes play their own level very well when they are sprying, pedaling and jumping. So the PVC floor is a sports floor designated for the international games, such as the Olympic Games.

PVC sports floor is a qualified product through the national environmental protection product quality inspection center. Its products are not only non-toxic and tasteless, green and environmentally friendly, but also have the advantages of waterproof, anti slip, mildew proof and anti bacteria. It is a modern, healthy and environmentally friendly floor. Now it is widely used in various large sports grounds. And in the future, the development prospect of PVC sports floor is quite broad.

PVC sports floor installation is very convenient, according to different sports places, PVC floor shape design industry is different, for example, there are badminton floor and basketball, football floor. The installation of general badminton and other floors is divided into one piece of installation. A block of sports venues is made up of several PVC floors. The installation method is simple and can be installed on the basis of the manufacturer's instructions or instructions.

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