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Why PVC floor becomes exclusive ground material in medical field
Jul 06, 2018

Most of the ground materials in the market can not enter the medical field due to their lack of professionalism. The reason is mainly because the performance of its products can not meet the medical standards. Next, let's take a look. When PVC plastic floor meets the high standard of medical field, why is it popular and become the exclusive floor of many hospitals?

1. green environmental protection

The environmental protection of the board materials on the ground surface is crucial to the medical field. In order to truly create a safe and environmentally friendly medical ground, the floor material that conforms to the medical environment must be adopted. The biggest advantage of PVC resilient flooring is safety, environmental protection and low carbon ecology. It uses 100% natural raw materials, does not add any recycled materials, and adhere to the safe and healthy production concept. With the gradual popularity of the concept of environmental protection, more professionals began to generally recognize the low carbon environmental performance of the PVC floor, and also become a special flexible material in the medical field.

2. antifouling and antiseptic

The surface of PVC floor has super strong anti pollution and anti chemical properties, and the surface layer is treated with antibacterial process, which provides permanent bactericidal and bacteriostasis treatment to prevent microbes from breeding inside and outside the floor. It has good protection for the iodine and blood stains on the hospital floor. It can clean the stains quickly and avoid the marks on the ground.

3. wear resistance and compression

The hospital has a lot of people, and often has the friction between the medical cart and the cart, which requires higher wear resistance on the ground. The PVC floor adopts multi-storey structure to improve the thickness of the wear-resisting layer, and utilizes the reasonable friction coefficient to skillfully disperse the walking pressure and the shock absorption performance. According to the medical field, ppl has developed the same floor. The ultra thick wear-resistant layer can be used in the area of dense human flow, which is in line with the requirements of the hospital laboratory and other ground use.

4. color rich

In hospitals, visual therapy is not only necessary for technical treatment, but also for visual therapy. A large number of single blue and white tones in the hospital will give people a feeling of depression, and the PVC elastic floor is rich in color, and the design of particles and spots makes the ground rich and colorful, giving a positive sense to the patient and helping the patient to treat it in an all-round way. For example, in the children's ward, the PVC floor is collocated with ingenious color, which eliminates the children's resistance to the hospital, and plays the role of "visual treatment".

5. easy and durable, durable and durable

In public places, because of the large flow of people, it is necessary to keep the ground clean at all times, and it is difficult to maintain. PVC elastic floor surface with UV technology, with good antifouling and waterproof performance, can reduce the waxing, cleaning and other daily maintenance frequency, reduce the maintenance cost of the cycle, and through fastening technology to ensure the durability of the ground, prolong the use of the floor of the cycle, avoid waste of resources.

6. antistatic performance

The PVC floor is made of PVC resin as raw material. After special processing, a kind of electrostatic conduction network is formed. The PVC floor has a permanent anti static function. It meets the needs of special places such as hospital equipment room and so on. It can effectively improve the safety performance of the ground.

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