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2019 Fitness Exhibition
Nov 03, 2018

Wuxi Tefa Decoration Material Co., Ltd. participated in editing industry standards: semi-rigid PVC lock floor, PVC coil sports floor, kindergarten floor, PVC sports floor, CCTV Securities Information Channel Talk was invited to interview enterprises. We have won many honors, such as "China Quality, Service, Honesty AAA Enterprise", "Green Environmental Protection Promotion Products", "China Elastic Flooring Industry Top Ten Distribution Brands", "China Sports Flooring Leading Brand", "National Engineering Building Materials Preferred Brand", "Quality Pioneer Display Products". With many fitness venues cooperation, unanimously won praise, deeply trusted and loved by customers.


According to the different functional areas in the gym, Tefa has specially created a one-stop solution for ground materials of the fitness system.

The special floor in power zone and the idealized floor elastic structure design of anti-seismic cushion make the floor achieve good "impact absorption" and "energy return" performance. When heavy equipment falls, it can absorb vibration and noise effectively, and it will not affect people in other areas, nor damage the foundation ground.


Strength area case

The special floor in gymnasium area has excellent anti-skid performance. The high density foam layer can effectively protect the ankle joint, knee joint and other important parts of the body from sports injury.


Exercise area case

Special floor for aerobic zone, high strength stable layer ensures smooth and stable material, avoids warping, and meets the requirements of impact resistance and friction resistance in instrument zone.


Aerobic area case

The special floor for the dynamic bicycle area has a good waterproof and anti-fouling performance. It can be easily cleaned for sweat and low-lying drinks. Professional pattern design makes the anti-skid performance of the floor more excellent, and has a beautiful and generous visual effect.


Dynamic bicycle district case

Private parish floor, auxiliary function training, general physical fitness enhancement. It can be customized according to the actual site planning, all kinds of sports patterns and customer needs.


Private parish case

Tefa will strive to upgrade its service standards with its original 6S service system, so as to save customers don't worry, save time and effort.

Tefa will continue to adhere to the principle of "safety, environmental protection and reputation", and aspire to become a century-old enterprise. In the pursuit of excellence, we believe that our perseverance will achieve good results.http://www.farflor.com/

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