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How To Make The Installation Effect Of PVC Floor To The Best
Jul 06, 2018

PVC floors are more suitable for people's homes than tiles. PVC floors are relatively thin, and do not need support. They can be installed on existing floors. But it needs to be installed on the smooth ground, so it is suggested not to be installed on the tiles. The smooth tile will make the PVC floor difficult to fix, and the floor will slide and loose.

Compared with other types of floor, PVC plastic floor is slightly thicker than the PVC plastic floor, but it is stronger and easier to install. It can completely replace ceramic tiles and wood boards. PVC plastic floor has good elasticity and water resistance. This also makes PVC plastic floor the fastest growing ground decoration.

The most important thing about the installation of PVC plastic floor is that the floor must be clean and smooth, which meets the requirement that PVC plastic floor can be installed on most of the ground. Rough ground and uneven ground will affect the final installation of the floor effect, may cause some floor elevation or depression in the floor, it is suggested that before you install the PVC plastic floor, make sure that the ground is smooth and clean, so that the floor installation effect is best.

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