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Reasons For The Gym To Choose The PVC Plastic Floor
Jul 06, 2018

Gym as a sports venue, prone to slipping, sprain and other accidents, so the choice of floors is often very strict. PVC plastic floor is widely used in the gymnasium nowadays. What are the reasons for the gym to choose this new material floor?

1. comfort

The professional PVC plastic floor surface can be moderately deformed when encountered, like a sealed cushion with air inside, and the cushioning effect of the closed foam back layer can minimize the movement damage.

2. anti tremor

Tremor refers to the scale of the floor being struck by impact. The greater the scale of tremor, the easier it is to fracture. There are two kinds of tremor: point tremor and regional tremor.

3. oscillatory absorption

The impulse effect of a person in motion will be sensational on the surface of the PVC plastic floor. The layout of the floor is necessary for the function of a sensational absorption. That is, the floor should have the function of absorbing the energy of the bump. The anti bump force of the athlete on the PVC plastic floor is better than on the hard ground, such as the cement ground. The movement on the board is much smaller.

4. conflict coefficient

The study indicated that 12% of athletes' injuries occurred in situ in the course of sports transformation. The conflict coefficient of the moving floor indicates whether the floor is too strong in conflict (which will reduce the sensitivity of transformation) or too slippery (which will add the risk of slipping). Considering the ability and safety of athletes, the conflict coefficient should be the best value between 0.4-0.7.

The conflict coefficient of professional sports floor is usually adhered to this coefficient. It has enough and moderate conflict force to ensure the stability of the movement, and adhere to the consistency and regularity of the conflict function in each direction, so as to ensure that the sensitive movement and the change of the place are not prevented from any prevention.

5. return of energy

This refers to the sports energy returned by PVC plastic sports floor when athletes are moving, so as to further improve the sports efficiency.

6. roll load

The load-bearing load of the professional sports floor and the service life of the floor are necessary to meet the needs of competition and practice. For example, when the active basketball frame and the related sports facilities move on the floor, the surface and layout of the floor can not be damaged.

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