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Spc Vinyl Flooring Has Good Anti-slip Performance And Design Needs
Nov 02, 2018

Spc vinyl flooring can effectively use natural stone powder and vinyl resin as raw materials to process a solid base layer of high-density, high-fiber mesh structure. The surface is 3D printing technology, the texture is clear and true, and the material is safe and non-toxic. Zero formaldehyde, so you can use peace of mind and comfort.


1. Spc vinyl flooring's environmental performance, pollution resistance, and effectively reduce maintenance time.

2. Spc vinyl flooring is flexible, has good anti-slip properties, and has excellent water resistance, making cleaning easy.

3. It is wear-resistant, resistant to insects and mildew, and the surface UV treatment has strong stain resistance.

4. Good dimensional stability, no deformation due to temperature and humidity, and only need to be swept away for routine maintenance.

5. Safe and environmentally friendly, formaldehyde emission is detected by SGS.

6. Sound and noise reduction, comfortable foot, soft material, safe and reliable.

7. Rich colors and patterns to meet individual design needs.


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