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The Advantages Of The PVC Floor As Compared With The Other Floor Glue
Jul 06, 2018

In recent years, PVC ground glue has been widely used in hospitals, schools, office buildings, laboratories, commercial establishments and homes because of the ability to absorb shock, relieve knee fatigue and provide comfortable feet. In the sports industry, it has surpassed the trend of solid wood flooring, becoming the first choice for major sports venues. Where is the PVC glue? Wuxi Tengfang makes a comparison between the common floor and the PVC glue. After reading it, I believe you will understand.

PVC ground glue and flax floor

Compared with PVC, the linen floor has poor dimensional stability. Therefore, it is necessary to use strong glue to increase the construction cost. The PVC gum is relatively stable, the PVC gum contains glass fiber layer, the thermal expansion and cold shrinkage coefficient is very small, and the construction cost is not too large. Flax floor will have a certain smell after construction, so ventilation is still very necessary. PVC gum does not release any odor or formaldehyde.

PVC ground glue and rubber floor

The scope of application is smaller than that of PVC, it is difficult to maintain and wear resistance. It is not resistant to acid and alkali. After one year, the surface of the floor has no gloss, the skid resistance is better than the PVC ground glue, the construction cost is high, the floor weight is larger than PVC, the transportation fee is increased, the coefficient of thermal expansion and shrinkage is larger, the size stability is poor, the rubber floor is used as natural rubber, so the floor cost is higher. The perfect self leveling base is required, otherwise the rubber will increase the defects of the base.

PVC ground glue and carpet

Textile carpet will change color, health problems (easy to breed bacteria, poor resistance to dirt, difficult to clean maintenance, fear of moisture, easy) smell, color monotonous.

PVC ground glue and ceramic tile

PVC ground glue construction is faster than ceramic tile, light weight, lighten the carrying capacity of the building, the skid resistance of ceramic tiles is poor (especially in the case of water), and the impact resistance is poor and most of the joints are seams.

PVC ground glue and wood floor

Solid wood floor is not suitable for wet environment, easy to deform, crack, drum, worm, mouldy, rotten, walk echo, not resist impact, clean maintenance difficult, because the floor to paint, formaldehyde release.

The above is the comparison of PVC ground glue and several common floorboards. It can be seen that Tengfang PVC glue is superior to other floors from practicality, construction process and environmental protection. This has also become the reason for the popularization of Tengfang PVC glue.

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