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The Method Of Daily Nursing For PVC Floor
Jul 06, 2018

With the popularity of PVC flooring, more and more places have used PVC flooring. However, in daily life, they do not know how to care for PVC floor, resulting in PVC floor damage, pollution and other problems. Today, I will teach you the nursing methods of PVC floor in daily life.

1. Sand and stone protection

A sand and stone cushion should be placed at the entrance of the PVC floor and the entrance of the hall to prevent the shoes from bringing sand and gravel into the room and scratching the floor.

2. Material handling protection

When moving objects, especially those with metal sharp objects at the bottom, do not drag on the floor to prevent floor injuries.

3. Smoke and fire protection

Although the PVC floor is a fireproof grade of B1 level floor, do not represent the floor will not be burned by fireworks, so people in the use of PVC floor, do not burn the cigarette, mosquito incense, charged iron, high temperature metal items directly on the floor, in order to prevent the floor damage.

4. Regular floor maintenance

PVC floor cleaning uses neutral cleaners to clean, can not use strong acid or strong base cleaner to clean the floor, regular cleaning and maintenance. Clean the ground with a clean 90% dry mop, and clean the ground for serious pollution, especially the PVC floor with homogeneity and permeability.

5. Pollution treatment

PVC stains on the floor of the ink, food, greasy and so on should wipe off the dirt, and then use the diluted detergent to scrub the trace, the residual black leather shoe prints can not be cleaned when it is difficult to use the veil to scrub the perfume, not to clean the perfume on the floor, and to make up for the maintenance of wax after scrub.

6. Chemical protection

Avoid a large amount of water for long time on the surface of the PVC floor, water for a long time soaking the floor, may penetrate the floor under the floor to dissolve the floor glue to lose cohesive force, also may cause the floor surface to protect the wax layer to cause floor pollution, and may also infiltrate into the floor and make the floor discoloration.

7. Sunshine protection

Avoid direct exposure to strong light, do PVC floor UV protection, prevent flooring from fading and fading.

In addition, PVC floor cleaning can not use clean ball, knife scraping, can not use conventional methods to clean the dirt, consult the Wuxi Tengfang PVC floor, the use of acetone, toluene and other chemical drugs.

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