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The Six Big Reasons Tell You Why You Choose The PVC Sports Floor
Jul 06, 2018

One. Waterproof and antiskid: PVC floor surface is high density and wear-resistant structure, when the water is more astringent and skid, the home installation can prevent the safety of the elderly and children. The antiskid characteristic of the PVC elastic floor is unparalleled by other ground materials.

Two. Wear resistance is super high: whether the PVC flooring is wear-resistant depends not only on the thickness of the wear-resisting layer, but also on the material of the wear-resistant layer. The wear resistant layer of PVC coil flooring is different from dense and micro foaming. The wear resistance and friction force of dense PVC wear resistant layer are much higher than that of foaming treatment.

Three. The burden on the housing is small: after construction, the weight of the PVC moving floor is about 10 times lighter than that of the solid wood moving floor.

Four. Construction is convenient: the use of environmentally friendly water-based glue or cloth based double-sided tape construction, fast and convenient.

Five. Comfortable feet: the bottom is treated by foaming, with moderate elasticity, which has the effect of resisting impact and preventing sports injuries.

Six. Safety and environmental protection: Tengfang PVC sports floor is made of pure new material and high quality DOOP stabilizer. It is safe and environmentally friendly, and does not emit poisonous gas.

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