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Unite Together, Build An Elite, Execute Efficiently And Win The Future
Sep 19, 2018

The same piece of iron can be melted or made into steel; the same team can do nothing or make a big difference. In order to stimulate our work enthusiasm, foster positive communication, mutual trust, unity and cooperation among colleagues, cultivate the sense of teamwork, enhance the sense of responsibility and belonging of employees, and show Farfly's spiritual outlook, Farfly organized a significant team development activity on September 15.


After arriving at the destination, the coach first divided us into groups and assigned a task of "breaking the ice": selecting the captain, setting the name of the team, slogans and team songs. In this process, we are all integrated, no differences between superiors and subordinates, no strangeness between colleagues in different departments, breaking the barriers between people, establishing a basis for mutual understanding, and creating a team atmosphere.


The event included: not to overthrow the forest, beat the drum ball, circle of excellence, life and death with the total, over the graduation wall and so on. In the activity, each team member devotes oneself wholeheartedly, mutual aid and mutual trust, gives full play to the team cooperation spirit, overcomes many difficulties, jointly completes each project, promotes the team's cohesion, trains everybody's positive attitude and the high sense of responsibility, has realized the team strength and the mutual cooperation importance.


In all the projects, what we feel most deeply is the graduation wall. The 34 person needs to turn over a smooth wall with a height of 4.2 meters within 17 minutes.


In this project, I do not want to say that the strength of unity is infinite, nor do I want to say that the collective capacity is great, let alone that everyone's potential is unlimited... This game gives us a feeling of moving.


For the first to climb up the wall, persist in pulling up the friends of one colleague after another touched! For biting the cornerstone of the teeth in the bottom, so that one companion on their shoulders to survive friends touched! For their hands will be companions one by one raised friends touched! Until there is only one last companion under the wall, no one else! When he was given the cornerstone to climb up, a lighter teammate took him on his feet and pulled him up the wall together. When the last man jumped to the top of the wall, there was endless applause. When the coach announced that it took 14 points to make the leap, everyone could no longer control their emotions.


Through this outward bound training, each group saw the strengths and weaknesses of the group, but also felt the importance of cooperation and communication, which laid a good foundation for future work. After experiencing the joy of success brought by dedication, collaboration and courage, everyone feels deeply the essence of "responsibility, collaboration, self-confidence" and the responsibility to be a member of the team. Tengfang will uphold this responsibility and mission, and continue to create a better future.http://www.farflor.com/

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