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What Places Can The Commercial PVC Floor Apply To
Jul 06, 2018

PVC plastic floor is a new synthetic ground material. It has been widely used in surface decoration projects. From the material, it is light, innoxious and non radioactive pollution. It is a light green building material. In addition, it is a safe material for insulation and flame retardancy, acid alkali corrosion and water non deformation. From the performance point of view, it is wear-resistant, high polymer wear-resistant layer to prolong life; strong stop skidding, water and astringent, can relieve the elderly children's worries; can resist impact force, toughness. In terms of appearance and comfort, the plastic floor is novel, colorful and natural, with any combination of flower and color modeling and outstanding personality; not only does it do not produce noise, but also eliminates noise and has a quiet effect; it is comfortable and elastic. The construction of this material is convenient and quick, and the time limit is short. In all kinds of occasions, PVC plastic floor has been widely adopted and popular with customers.

Commercial ground: in the office building shopping place, people have large traffic and frequent walking, so the ground material must have excellent wear resistance and durability. Secondly, the appearance of the material must be fashionable and colorful to reflect the individualization of different places. PVC plastic floor can not only be competent for the above requirements, but also create a friendly and harmonious atmosphere in the office and the commercial city, to stimulate people's enthusiasm for work and creative inspiration, to eliminate boredom and depression.

Educational institutions: active and active children are playing on the ground. Many students study in the classroom. The pictures of moving and quiet are different from kindergartens and schools. PVC plastic floor with safety, hygiene and sound absorption and noise reduction is the foundation for creating a dynamic and static environment. Throughout the world, numerous kindergartens and schools have paved the plastic floor. It creates a comfortable, cordial, quiet and solid, so that countless children grow up healthily and thrive, enabling countless students to concentrate on their talents. And their teachers are no longer worried about children's injuries, so they can enjoy the joy of peach and plum.

Special places: hospitals, gerontology, pharmaceutical factories, laboratories and other special places, which need to inhibit the multiplication of bacteria and prevent static electricity. The all-weather frequent movement, the friction and heavy pressure of the equipment, and the beating of the crutches require the economic and durable ground material PVC plastic ground not only to meet the above requirements, but also with low noise and soft texture, and the warmth of the foot makes the patient feel comfortable and happy. In the research area, smooth, clean and elegant PVC plastic floor will make the researchers happy.

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