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  • WPC Vinyl Flooring

    WPC Vinyl Flooring Introduction WPC Vinyl Flooring Locking series combines beautiful and realistic wood patterns with easy locking system. Durable and water-resistant, this a high end resilient...
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  • Click WPC Vinyl Flooring

    Click WPC vinyl flooring Introduction Click WPC vinyl flooring is the new type of light body ground decorates material to replace traditional real wood floor. This innovative flooring is produced...
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  • Wood Plastic Composite Flooring

    Wood Plastic Composite Flooring Introduction Wood Plastic Composite Flooring is the new material floor developed by our company for the home decoration flooring material market. It adapts to the...
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  • Self Adhesive PVC Floor

    Self adhesive PVC floor Introduction Self adhesive PVC floors have a pressure sensitive adhesive layer on their back and do not require extra glue. They are installed by simply removing the...
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  • Self Adhesive PVC Flooring

    Self Adhesive PVC Flooring Introduction Self Adhesive PVC Flooring combines the resilience of LVT and stability of composite vinyl core, with very easy click system, inherit the waterproof feature...
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  • PVC Self Adhesive Vinyl Flooring

    PVC self adhesive vinyl flooring Introduction Farflor PVC self adhesive vinyl flooring 100% virgin Pure pvc raw material, radioactive elements excluded. Flooring surface treated with UV / PU...
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  • Self Adhesive Floor Tiles

    Self Adhesive Floor Tiles Introduction Self Adhesive Floor Tiles is a new type of resilient flooring in the market, with the content of PVC and limestone, act as a cost efficient substitute to...
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  • Self Adhesive Vinyl Flooring

    Self Adhesive Vinyl Flooring Introduction Self Adhesive Vinyl Flooring is an upgrade of luxury vinyl tiles , It is special designed with click locking joint system. Easy Installation, Waterproof....
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