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  • Artificial Landscaping Grass For Outdoor And Indoor

    Description: This synthetic grass is resistant to high temperature, therefore suitable for high temperature area (like Las Vegas). With drainage holes in rubber back, this artificial fake grass...
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  • Waterproof Landscaping Artificial Grass

    1.Made From Polyethylene
    2.Polyethylene Scraper Door Mat
    3.Keep the Mud Out of Your House
    4.External Scraper, Mud Shifter Door Mat
    5.Dirt stopper mats with good...
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  • Garden Artificial Grass Landscaping

    Description: Artificial lawns are a great, flexible alternative to the real thing: being low-cost and low-maintenance, they’re ideal for business centre courtyards or rooftop terraces. They’re...
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  • Public Areas Artificial Landscaping Grass

    Description: “Green” really is a feel good factor in our living environment. Grass often forms the basis for green areas. Lovely fresh green grass, nothing is more suitable for brightening up...
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  • Artificial Lawn Synthetic Turf Artificial Grass

    Description : Whether you're looking for an artificial grass rug to act as a bathroom for your pooch, to take the stress out of maintaining your yard, or to breathe some life into your...
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  • Removable Artificial Grass Turf

    Description: Tefa Turf features a low-luster, rich color array of blended polyethylene green fibers, and a true-to-life curled brown thatch underlay, providing an authentic real grass look for...
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  • Artificial Grass And Synthetic Turf

    Description: The quality and appearance of artificial grass has improved significantly and its now so realistic people find it hard to tell that the grass is fake but whilst not only looking like...
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  • Artificial Grass For Residential Landscape

    Description : Are you tired of watering, seeding, sodding, aerating, and mowing? we are provider of a wide variety of artificial turf products, each specially manufactured to serve a specific...
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  • Countryside Artificial Grass Turf Roll

    Description : When looking to create an area of green on your property all year long, maintaining grass can be a significant hassle. And if you live in an area where grass goes dormant and turns...
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  • Synthetic Landscape Lawn Turf

    Description : Artificial turf has excellent simulation, including realistic look and comfortable feel,at the same time, it has the excellent quality that natural grass can't match, such as...
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  • Artificial Turf Grass Landscaping

    Description: Residential as a landscape contractor, we’re able to adapt your landscape for artificial turf. Our landscape designer can help make your yard more interesting and unique....
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  • Artificial Grass For Playground Landscaping

    Description: It is a common misconception that artificial grass is only for commercial properties and athletic fields. Thanks to technological advancements in manufacturing synthetic grass,...
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